Programs & Activities

Art of the Olympians encourages individuals to live life in full color. Through programs of art, sport, education and the Olympic Values, we strive to enrich the lives of future generations. By providing a positive environment and engaging programs, we help the youth in our home community and throughout the world to discover self-confidence and develop their voice. Our programs provide an opportunity for individuals to paint their life canvas with vibrant colors of positive choices. Art of the Olympians is focused on Bringing Leadership, Arts and Sports Together (B.L.A.S.T) with a variety of educational programs such as:


Athletes Caring for Tomorrow (A.C.T)

A program designed to educate succeeding and struggling kids alike. In this program, Olympian athletes volunteer their time to encourage children to excel in the classroom as well as in athletics. Each speaker captures the children’s attention by their on-the-field accomplishments, but it is the athlete’s off-the-field achievements that are stressed. This program includes athletes from a vast variety of sports and nations who speak to groups of youth ages 6-18 years from a myriad of backgrounds. Each athlete addresses the group by touching on his or her personal experiences, obstacles, successes, goals and most importantly, the dangers of illegal substances, gangs, and peer pressure.

Women Investing Now (W.I.N.)

This program is designed to fill a void in sports-related, self-improvement/mentoring programs for girls and young women in schools and communities. Female Olympian athletes work with groups of young women, focusing on gender-specific issues such as teenage pregnancy/dating violence, proper hygiene/nutrition, body image issues and self confidence. The goal of this program is to team positive female role models with young women ages 9-18 years. Each visit is planned to educate young women about the importance of developing self-confidence and the courage to make the right decisions in life, which is often achieved by participating in sports and other physical activities.

Leadership, Education and Action Project (LEAP)

Through this program, Olympians volunteer their time mentoring an aspiring high school athlete, encouraging them to finish high school, building their leadership skills to play at the college level, and helping them develop skills to make positive life choices on and off the field. This mentoring relationship includes a visit to Art of the Olympians Museum and Gallery to further inspire the Olympic Spirit.